Private Health Insurance

What is private health insurance?

Private health insurance, sometimes called Private Medical Insurance or PMI, pays for your private medical treatments and care. Private healthcare means no NHS waiting lists, fast access to diagnosis and treatment and a high quality, comfortable hospital stay.

How to choose a PMI that works for you?


Your choice begins with the huge variety of policies on the market and how they match the level and type of care you require.

It's not just about looking for a cheap health insurance, but also cover that offer's real value by taking into account your lifestyle, budget and needs.

Why choose private health insurance - the benefits?

  • avoid having to wait for treatment and access to fast consultations bypassing NHS waiting lists

  • be treated as a private patient at the hospital of your choice and rest and recovery in your own hospital room with en suite facilities, high quality menus and unrestricted visiting hours

  • a choice of WHERE, WHEN and BY WHOM  you get the treatment

  • access to the latest drugs and therapies, including some not available on the NHS

What to think about when finding PMI?

  • Do you want out-patient cover?

  • Do you need cover when abroad?

  • Do you want to be able to choose where to be treated?

  • Which additional benefits are most important for you?

  • How much can you afford

  • Would you be willing to contribute to the cost of your care?