How to claim on Healthcare Insurance

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Our service to YOU doesn't end when you buy health insurance - it begins. We're always here to help, including ensuring if you need to make a claim it is dealt with fairly, sympathetically and swiftly.

Unless otherwise instructed by your insurer, please follow the process below which is designed to make your life as easy as possible.

If at any time you require our advice or assistance please feel free to contact us.

1. Contact your GP

Unless you have been admitted as an emergency case to NHS hospital, you should first contact your GP. When doing so, please advise he or she that you have private medical insurance. After your GP has provided you with a referral letter to a specialist, you must contact your insurer.

2. Getting Authorization.

Before you receive a private consultation or treatment you must obtain authorization from your insurer. Please contact them on the claims number detailed in your policy and advise them of your referral. Your insurer will then confirm if you are covered and if so, provide you with a pre-authorization number which you need to show to the clinician to whom you've ben referred. This will ensure that fees are charged direct to your insurer.


3. Getting Treatment & Follow Up.

 If you are required to undergo follow up treatment or make a diagnosis, it's important you again contact your insurer to confirm that this is covered. If, whilst following this process you have any concerns or encounter problems, remember you could contact us. We're here to help, here to give you the personal approach to health insurance.